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Peranakan Breads


The Peranakans are well-known for their hospitality and no visitor should leave a Peranakan home without first partaking of a meal or a light snack. Other than the numerous types of kueh kueh that are made at the start of the holidays, the Nyonyas also bake palm-size Roti Buns that are a delight to young children and older people who cannot stomach the sweet concoctions made from rich coconut cream. Before the holidays, large batches of these breads will be made and baked over the weekends or holidays for afternoon tea. Sometimes, small batches of them will be frozen to be thawed and warmed in the oven for the unexpected visitor who comes on a weekday.

Roti Buns

Coriander Pork

A-grade lean pork loin, Chinese mushrooms, sugared melons and chestnuts cooked in Nyonya coriander spices.

Babi Pongtay

A-grade lean belly pork, Chinese mushrooms and bamboo shoots cooked in Nyonya taucheo spices.

Ayam Rendang

Boneless cubes of chicken with potatoes cooked in a rich rendang sauce.

Beef Serondeng

Tender pieces of beef cooked in Nyonya spices, with Serondeng

Seafood Otak

Prawns, squids and fish cooked in a spicy coconut paste.


Nyonya Chicken Curry Pot Pie

Puff pastry filled with succulent pieces of boneless leg of chicken with potatoes. Also available in non-spicy version, cooked with mild, non-chilli Nyonya spices.

Sambal Lengkong

Freshly made and bottled at PeraMakan, Sambal Lengkong is a Nyonya delicacy that is rarely available outside the Peranakan home. Freshly caught Wolf Herring (Ikan Parang) is steamed in coconut milk and deboned. The steamed fish meat is then mixed with spices and coconut cream and cooked over a low flame until it becomes crispy fish granules. It takes about 2 to 3 hours depending on the weight of the fish to produce the fragrant, golden brown granules. During this time, the chef has to stir the mixture continuously to prevent burning. Sambal Lengkong makes an excellent sandwich filling, to be spread generously over buttered bread. It is also delicious eaten with plain porridge.

Sambal Udang Kering

Made from good quality dried shrimps, this delicacy is not only fragrant but delicious as a sandwich filling. It is not too spicy and is well-loved by children as well.

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