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Peranakan Kueh Kueh

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At PeraMakan, we offer a delicious assortment of Peranakan desserts and teatime treats that are full of home-made goodness. We call it “home-made” because we hand-make them the old-fashioned way using unadulterated, wholesome and fresh ingredients and without preservatives. To place your orders, call our Manager, Desmond Leong on 65-63772829. All desserts and pastries are freshly made for pick-up on the same day you plan to serve your guests.

Kueh Kueh

Kueh Dadar

Hand-made pandan and coconut crepes filled with grated coconut and palm sugar, served with coconut sauce.

Talam Ubi Kayu

Steamed tapioca cake rich with the fragrance of gula melaka and coconut topped with a layer of coconut pudding.

Kueh Talam Pandan

A two-layered dessert comprising of pandan flavoured rice pudding topped with creamy coconut custard.

Kueh Bingka Pulot

Baked glutinuous rice cake rich with coconut milk.

Kueh Ubi Bingka

Baked tapioca cake, full of the richness of fresh coconut

Kueh Pisang

Delicious banana pudding wrapped in banana leaves, served chilled

Kueh Sarlat

Glutinous rice steamed with coconut milk and topped with rich custard made from eggs, pandan juice and santan.

Kueh Chendol

Layered steamed rice pudding with red kidney beans and strips of home-made chendol.

Kueh Lapis Beras

Delightfully soft, smooth and delicious, our kueh lapis is a favourite with our customers.

Kueh Kosui

Steamed rice pudding made with palm sugar and rolled in steamed grated coconut.

Ondeh Ondeh

Sweet potato balls filled with palm sugar and rolled in steamed grated coconut.

Ondeh Ondeh Durian

Sweet potato balls filled with D24 durian pulp and rolled in steamed grated coconut.

Pulot Tatal

Glutinous rice steamed with creamy coconut milk, served with home-made egg jam (kaya)

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