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Peranakan Cocktail Buffet



Treat your guests to a truly Peranakan experience with our clever little delights which are great for absolutely any occasion. Choose from the menu below and we will quote. For a complete catering experience, let us provide you the drinks as well.

Cold Platter

Assorted Dainty Canapés

Ayam Panggang with Nyonya Salad
Ayam Rendang Vol-a-vent
Seafood Otak Bites
Roast Lamb & Curry Cream Cheese
Roast Beef with Serondeng
Savoury Pork with Coriander Relish

Peranakan-style Cold Seafood Platter

Prawns, Scallops, Squids, Top Shells with Peranakan-style Dip

Fruit Rojak

Seasonal fruits handpicked for freshness served with our home-made spicy rojak paste

Peranakan Crudités

A variety of raw vegetables served with a sambal dip

Mixed Nuts & Crisps

Not for us, packaged nuts & crisps, but freshly roasted nuts and crisps from our own kitchen

Nyonya Achar

A must with beer – old-style Peranakan pickled vegetables served with Emping Belinjo

Nyonya Sushi Rolls

Made from steamed Pulot and filled with a variety of Peranakan delicacies, rolled in serondeng, seaweeds or sambal lengkong.

Hot Savouries

Bakwan Kepiting Goreng

Crusty Crab Meat Balls

Ayam Kleo

Skewered Grilled Chicken with Peranakan style Dip

Udang Goreng Chilli

Prawns marinated in nyonya spices & grilled

Beef Rendang Pot Pies

Tender pieces of beef encased in rich rendang sauce in mini pot-pies

Spicy Lamb-Bites

Minced lamb with spices and local herbs are shaped into balls to be deep-fried – served with a Peranakan yoghurt dip

Peranakan Seafood Crueller

Crispy crueller filled with tantalizing seafood paste

Prawn & Coriander Toast

Minced prawns seasoned with spices and coriander, deep-fried to a crisp – served with a sweet chilli dip

Peranakan-style Kueh Pie Tee

Crispy patty shells filled with savoury vegetables and an assortment of surprises

Peranakan-style Egg Skin Popiah

Crepes made from eggs & flour rolled with savoury vegetables and an assortment of surprises

Keppel Club-63772829/62701618 | TANGS-67376562