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 Traditional & Contemporary Peranakan Cuisine

Price: Average $22 to $28 per head
Dress Code: Business, Smart Casual

We cater to vegetarians and customers with dietary requirements.

Please call 63772829 or 62701618 for reservations or enquiries.

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Chef Kathryn writes:
I grew up in a house with a huge garden and in it grew many types of fruiting trees and all manner of plants providing a continuous supply of beans, leaves, roots and seeds for our household consumption. When we had a bumper harvest of beans and other vegetables, we gave to friends in church. Or we will cook large quantities of them to be sold at our church Sunday’s food bazaar.

I still remember the runner beans (long beans) that just could not stop producing until the whole neighbourhood profited from our blessed harvest. But my best memories were of the winged beans (or Kachang Botol as the Peranakans called it). When they’re fresh off the vines, the tender pods snap at the slightest pressure and were so delicious eaten raw, dipped in Sambal Belachan, or when made into a salad. Kerabu Kachang Botol (winged bean salad) is not only refreshingly appetizing but provides a chockful of precious vitamins and is a good source of fibre. Every part of the winged bean plant can be eaten. Our family served the leaves cooked in spicy coconut gravy or fried them with Sambal Udang Kering. Even the pretty light blue-violet flowers were used as decorations on our kueh kueh. It does not colour like the blue Bunga Telang, but it’s such a pretty and sweet flower, shaped like a butterfly, that we used it to decorate desserts or kueh kueh when served at family meals. Everything about the winged bean is good, full of vitamins that are good for the body especially for cardiovascular health.

October 2015

In my family, Kachang Botol was always on the table when a rich meat dish was served. The women in my family believed that a rich meat dish should be tempered with something healthy that will reverse the damage caused by high cholesterol food. Hence, fatty pork and rich, cholesterol-laden beef are paired with the goodness of Kachang Botol. The Peranakans know how to pair their food to ensure that the meal is balanced and healthy. So do come to our restaurant at Keppel Club in October and try our Nyonya Oxtail Stew together with the Kachang Botol fried with Sambal Udang Kering. Or if you like, you can ask our Chef to prepare a salad for you. Do ask our service staff if you need a change to a salad. There is nothing too difficult for us to do for you. It is my desire that you enjoy your meal at PeraMakan. If our food is not up to your satisfaction, please drop me a line at

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